Photo: Wolfgang Ennenbach
Genoveva Kylburg, born in 1981 in Engelskirchen in the Bergisch region completed her studies in fashion design at the Private Fashion School Düsseldorf with further training in costume design at the International Film School Cologne (ifs). During her studies she regularly worked for Issey Miyake at Fashion Week Paris. She designed her first costume design for director Markus Sehr and his debut film EINE INSEL NAMENS UDO starring Kurt Krömer. Subsequently, other arthouse films followed, such as the award-winning debut film BABAI by Visar Morina or 1000 ARTEN REGEN ZU BESCHRIBEN by Isabel Prahl, which was awarded Best Debut in Tallinn in 2017. Genoveva Kylburg also works successfully in the field of children's cinema, e.g. for the production LILIANE SUSEWIND.
With FRITZ LANG - DER ANDERE IN UNS by director Gordian Maugg she designed her first historical costume picture.
AUERHAUS by director Leena Vollmar is her current cinema production.
Genoveva Kylburg lives with her family in Cologne.