Photo: TRUMER Privatbrauerei / Patrick Langwallner
Adrian Goiginger was born in Salzburg in 1991. After graduating from high school he founded the film production company 2010 Entertainment OG in 2012 together with two colleagues. As director and screenwriter he is responsible for short films, commercials, image films and music videos.
From 2013 he studied scenic directing at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. His short films KLANG DER STILLE and MILLIARDENMARSCH have been screened at numerous festivals worldwide and have won several awards.
His cinema debut DIE BESTE ALLER WELTEN celebrated its premiere at the Berlinale 2017 and was awarded the Kompass Perspective Prize there. The film has so far won over 80 awards worldwide (including the Austrian Film Prize in 5 categories), as well as over 100,000 cinema visitors in Austria.
Adrian is currently working on his second feature film.