Markus Nestroy
Markus Nestroy was born in Graz, Austria where he studied contemporary dance, photography, and acting. He went on to pursue a degree at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany where he sharpened his visual language skills as a cinematography student. He was nominated twice for the Kodak Camera Award and his third-year movie at the Filmakademie, THE NIGHT FATHER CHRISTMAS DIED, was nominated for the Student Academy Award 2010.
In 2013, Markus shot his first feature film, ROBIN HOOD, directed by Martin Schreier. The film sets the action and drama of the familiar folklore tale in contemporary times. ROBIN HOOD was chosen as the opening film at the Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2013.
ABOVE AND BELOW, his third feature film, premiered in 2015 and participated at many international festivals. In 2016 Markus won the German Academy Award for ABOVE AND BELOW, directed by Nicolas Steiner.
Since then Markus Nestroy worked for several motion pictures like FACK JU GÖHTE 3 and DIE KÄNGURU VERSCHWÖRUNG. He shot TV Movies (TATORT) and TV Shows and recently 60 MINUTES, a Netflix Movie.
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